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a seamless and secure payment solution designed to elevate your business in Kenya. Trust us for a secure, efficient, and locally tailored payment solution, exclusively from our design and technology firm in Kenya.”

Pay Using our Paybill number

“At our Kenyan design and technology firm, we’ve made it even easier for you to access our products and services.

PAYBILL : 516600

ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0784 722 001

Pay Using Card

“Welcome to our shop, where convenience meets modern technology! We’re excited to introduce our ‘Pay Using Card’ option, designed to enhance your shopping experience. Say goodbye to the limitations of carrying cash – now, you can effortlessly complete your purchases with your debit or credit card. Our secure and efficient payment system, proudly offered by our Kenyan design and technology firm, ensures that your transactions are seamless and worry-free. Next time you visit our shop, choose ‘Pay Using Card’ and enjoy the ease of cashless payments.”